5 Reasons To Cut Down A Tree

Trees can last for many, many years and the thought of cutting them down may be an afterthought to some. With that said, there comes a time when cutting down trees is beneficial. For increased safety for you, your home and your neighborhood, here are 5 signs that indicate a tree should be cut down.

The Tree Looks Like It Will Fall Down Soon

One of the biggest indicators that it is time for a tree to get cut down is when it looks unstable. A tree that could fall down at any time or during the next storm should be cut down immediately. Being proactive with potentially hazardous trees can keep everyone safe.

The Tree Is Decayed

Keeping a decayed tree around is not a good idea. A decayed tree is an unpleasant sight and can be an invitation for a swarm of bugs and insects.

The Tree Is Showing Signs Of Dying

It does not take a tree expert to notice a tree is dying. If a tree has lost a good chunk of its bark or has little to no leaves, it is best to cut it down as soon as possible. A tree that looks like it is dying does nobody any good.

The Tree Is Too Close To Your Property

Even if a tree looks stable, it should not be too close for comfort. Trees too close to your property can lead to branches falling on top of your roof and block quality sunlight from entering your home.

Your Property Needs More Space

If a tree or trees are taking up too much of your outdoor space, cutting them down could free up space. You would be surprised how much space a tree being cut down saves. If a tree out of your way, you can expand your property!

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