Barnstable, MA Tree Removal Services

Barnstable is one of the largest towns in Cape Cod and an area you can now find our team working in! As of 2022, Walnut Tree Service extended its service area into the Cape Cod region. While Cape Cod is a great vacation spot, its trees still need maintenance, pruning, removal, etc. from time to time.  If you have a property or business in Barnstable, continue reading to learn how our tree services can provide a benefit! 

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Tree Removal Services in Barnstable, MA

Take a look below to see the services we offer to the Barnstable, MA community!

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Services in Barnstable, MA

No trees are too tall or too heavy when Walnut Tree Service has its Crane-Assisted Vehicles handy. Our Crane-Assisted Vehicles can safely remove trees on your property in a safe and timely manner.  

Tree Pruning Services in Barnstable, MA

Sometimes it can appear that a tree has to be completely cut down but that is not always the case. This is where tree pruning comes into play. Our tree pruning services can cut off any tree branches necessary, while keeping the tree itself intact.

Common reasons to prune a tree:

  • Part of a tree is decaying
  • Tree Aesthetics need improvement 
  • Part of a tree poses safety hazard
  • A tree needs rejuvenation 
  • Pests become attached to a certain tree

Pruning a tree will improve the overall health of a tree, prevent dead branches from lingering and ensures branches do not overgrow. 

Storm Damage Recovery Services in Barnstable, MA

While Barnstable can be a great place to relax, it is an area that can still experience storm damages year round. When storm damages strike your Barnstable property, you can count on our team to help clean up the mess! If a tree falls down on your property, do not try to remove it by yourself. Just leave it to us! 

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