Benefits of Tree Removal in the Winter

Did you forget to schedule a tree removal this past summer or fall? If so, there is no need to worry or wait. In fact, you can have a tree removed year-round! Even better, there are many benefits of tree removal in the winter. If you don’t want to wait any longer, these are just some of the added benefits you can reap from getting your tree removed this cold season.

Winter Storms Can Knock Down Old Trees

When the wind blows, and snow weighs down old branches, the danger increases around older trees. Winter storms can be brutal and cause several problems. One of the biggest concerns occurs when trees fall over. Fallen trees can land on homes and vehicles, leaving the people within them in danger.

Damaged trees can also fall into roads and paths, creating traffic blockages. When a tree prevents the ability of someone (or emergency vehicles) from passing, big problems can occur. By removing trees in the winter, you can mitigate the danger involved. Just be sure to schedule your tree removal before the next big storm!

No Landscape Damage Present

Think about your beautiful summer landscaping. Your lovely, treated grass, delicately placed flower beds, and pavers have created an environment you want to spend time in. Now imagine heavy trucks and equipment driving through your manicured lawn. Even when the trucks have vacated the premises, the tire tracks will be left behind on the soft ground. Tire tracks are far less of a concern in the winter, as the ground tends to get harder. With the frozen ground comes protection against landscape damage. Take advantage of the frozen ground this winter, consider tree removal in the frigid weather!

Fewer Leaves

While many trees keep leaves during the winter season, most are bare. If you have one of these trees, this benefit may not apply to you:

  1. Pine trees
  2. Spruce trees
  3. Murray Cyprus trees
  4. Palm trees
  5. Holly trees

While these trees tend to keep their leaves year-round, any other tree would benefit from winter removal because of the ability to see the branches more easily. Identifying deciduous trees is far more accessible when the branches are more visible. The increased accessibility is also a significant benefit when the leaves fall away.

Make Way for a Healthy Spring

When winter tree trimming and removal occur, the surrounding trees are more likely to be healthy in the spring. A deciduous tree can affect the landscaping around it. Removing the dead parts in the winter gives the tree time to heal and prepare for spring. Your landscape can improve significantly by trimming or removing your trees in the winter. Get a head start on spring today!

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