Dover, MA Tree Removal Services 

The town of Dover, MA is one of the many Massachusetts towns we proudly service. Located in Norfolk County, Dover, MA has a population of nearly 6,000 people. Founded in 1836, Dover, MA is now considered one of the richest Massachusetts towns to reside in. 

Dover, MA is roughly 25 miles away from city of Boston. For those who love the outdoors, Dover, MA is a great place to be. Dover, MA is home to some of the states nicest parks, farms and wildlife reservations. When it comes to education, Dover public schools have an excellent reputation across the state. 

Interested in learning how we can help Dover, MA residents? Keep reading below for more information and see how we can help you!

Dover, MA Farm

Tree Removal Services in Dover, MA

Interested in learning about the services we offer to Dover, MA community? Take a look at our list below!

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Services in Dover, MA

Some big outdoor projects require the use of a crane and Walnut Tree Service can provide that! Walnut Tree Service is always proud and able  to provide crane-assisted tree removal services to the Dover, MA community! There are many trees in Dover, MA too large to remove physically. That is okay because our cranes will always get the job done in this case! 

If you have a large tree in Dover, MA area you want removed this year,  our team will be ready! 

Tree Pruning Services in Dover, MA

Are you interested in having your trees pruned? Tree pruning creates a safer environment for everyone and will improve the overall health of the tree. Our team at Walnut Tree Service is proud to be able to provide our tree pruning services to the Dover, MA community! 

Our tree pruning services will be done without damaging the tree or your home. 

Tree Pruning Team
Tree Pruning cutter
tree downs after storm
trees down after storm

Storm Damage Recovery Services in Dover, MA

Last but certainly not least, our team at Walnut Tree Service can provide storm damage recovery services to the Dover, MA community! We understand mother nature can be unpredictable in the state of Massachusetts. When mother nature leaves behind a mess on your property, we can help clear the way! Keep us in mind the next team you require storm damage recovery services. 

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The next time you are in need of tree services, keep our names in mind. Walnut Tree Service is here to assist with your tree removal and pruning needs!

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