Everything You Should Know About Nor’easters In Massachusetts

Before October could come to a close, mother nature decided to unleash a Nor’easter on Massachusetts residents. While some parts of Massachusetts were hit harder than others, all Massachusetts residents were affected in one way or another. While a Nor’easter is nothing new to those who have lived in Massachusetts for years, they are stressful, unpleasant, and inconvenient for all. While ruling out future Nor’easters is impossible given the New England climate, we can only hope the next one does not occur for a long time. To be better prepared for the next one, here is everything you should know before, during, and after a Nor’Easter Strikes.

What Is Considered a Nor’Easter?

A Nor’easter occurs when the northeast states of Americas region are dealt with storm, wind, and rain that can last upwards of 36 hours. Nor’Easters can wreak significant havoc on roads, homes, cars, etc by wiping out power, strong winds, and feet of rain or snow. Winds during a Nor’Easter can get up to 100 miles per hour.

How Do I Prepare for a Nor’Easter?

The one benefit that comes from Nor’Easters is the fact Meteorologists can see them coming far in advance. It is important to stay up to date with local news and weather. Once you know a Nor’Easter is looming, buy what you think you will need for the week days in advance. If you can park your cars in a garage, do so. Trees tend to fall on many cars during the storm. If you can work from home when Nor’Easters hit, explore that avenue as well.

How Do I Stay Safe During a Nor’Easter?

With Nor’easters, it is best to expect the unexpected. To stay safe during the storm:

  • Stay Indoors as much as possible
  • Have plenty of bottled water available
  • Have Charged Flashlights available
  • Stay up to date on the storm
  • Keep in contact with friends, family, and neighbors

What Do I Do With the Fallen Trees Near My Home?

When Nor’Easter storms hit, many trees will inevitably come down. In most cases, you will not be able to move the tree yourself. Contact a Tree removal team when the storm clears to get fallen trees off your home or neighborhood for good.

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