Five Signs That Call For Tree Removal In The Summer

With Summer now here, tree removal is probably one of the last things on the minds of homeowners. With that said, there comes a time when removing a tree or trees is necessary. Do not let a tree ruin your summer enjoyment. Here are five signs to look for to decide if and when to remove a tree this Summer.

1. The Tree No Longer Grows Leaves

One of the tell-tale signs a tree should be cut down and removed if it is no longer able to grow leaves. Not only is a tree that does not have leaves unpleasant to look at, it also indicates it is likely decayed. Once a tree loses to ability to grow leaves, it is very unlikely it will be able to again.

2. The Tree Looks Susceptible To Fall Down

A tree that falls onto your property is not ideal. Not only can it damage your home and vehicles, it can also pose as a safety hazard for you and your family. If a tree looks like it is bound to fall down in the near future, do not hesitate to be proactive and have it removed. Trees are strong, but not invincible against strong winds or storms.

3. Excessive Amount of Dropping Branches

Branches dropping from trees is not unusual, however an excessive amount of tree branches dropping from a particular tree indicates something is wrong with the tree. Not only will an excess of dropping trees branches create a hassle to clean up, it can also be dangerous to those in the vicinity of the tree.

4. The Tree Has Developed a Fungus

Over time, trees can develop a fungus. Once a fungus exists, it can spread throughout the tree rapidly and cause rotting.

5. The Tree Affects Other Plants

There are times when a tree can stunt the growth of other plants. When this occurs, removing the tree can be beneficial.

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