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Franklin is a city located in the Norfolk County of Massachusetts. As of 2024, Franklin’s population has exceeded 31,000  residents. Within this large city there is plenty to do and plenty to explore! Over the years, our team has helped many Franklin, MA property owners take care of their trees. If you own a property in Franklin and need tree services, continue reading below to learn how we can help! 

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Tree Removal Services in Franklin, MA

Our team at Walnut Tree Service is happy to be able to offer our wide array of tree removal services to the Franklin, MA community! 

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Services in Franklin, MA

Our team is fully equipped with a wide array of equipment necessary for efficient and safe tree removal jobs. Part of our equipment involves tree assisted cranes when projects call for it. Some trees are so tall that they require a crane for safe removal. With our cranes handy, not tree is out of our reach. Not only do we have cranes ready to go, our team members also have the proper certifications and experience needed to operate a crane. 


Tree Trimming & Pruning Services in Franklin, MA

If your tree starts to grow awkwardly, a tree trim or prune could be just what it needs to get back on track. Our tree trimming and pruning services can remove dead or decayed parts of a tree and help the tree flourish for years. A properly trimmed and pruned tree can also help your property stand out! 

Storm Damage Recovery Services in Franklin, MA

Last, but certainly not least, our team can provide storm damage recovery services to the Franklin, MA. Storms can leave behind quite the mess and cause trees to fall down. If a storm wrecks your outdoor property, do not feel the need to clean it up all by yourself! Our team members can do the heavy lifting and help you restore your property in no time! 

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