How To Help Your Trees Be Prepared For Storms

Having beautiful trees on your property is something that you should be proud of! It’s not easy to have the patience and green thumb that it takes to grow a mature tree. Regardless of what stage of life the trees on your property are at, they’re at risk of damage when a storm strikes. Thunderstorms are extremely common during the summer months, so there’s no better time than the present to start preparing your trees! 

Look for Signs of a Weak Tree

Weak trees are at a higher risk of being affected during a storm. Inspect your trees regularly to look for signs of weakness. Those signs may include: 

  • Holes
  • Dead branches
  • Cracking or peeling bark 
  • Leafless or bud-less branches 
  • Heaving soil around the roots 

If you notice any of these signs, the tree may need to be pruned or removed. The sooner you identify these signs of weakness, the easier it should be to resolve them and restore your tree to a healthy state! 


Pruning is the process of cutting away branches that are dead, dying, weak or infected with insects. By removing the areas of weakness, you’re improving the overall health of your tree! The safest and easiest way to prune your trees is to hire a professional tree service. They will have all the tools to reach the highest branches and the knowledge to determine exactly what branches need to be pruned. 

Regular Maintenance 

The regular maintenance routine you have is one of the most important parts of growing healthy and strong trees that can withstand a storm! Regular maintenance should include mulch, water, fertilizer, and pruning as needed. You can also use treatments to remove insects or fungus as needed during your tree care process. 

Storm Damage Prevention 

If you have a tree that’s especially large or close to your home, investing in storm protection products could save you a lot of hassle in the future. Storm prevention products include lightning protection systems that reroute the energy from a lightning strike to protect your tree if it’s hit. Steel support systems can be installed to give your tree added strength around weak branches. These support systems usually come in the form of cables or braces that are placed around your tree. 

Professional Tree Services in Massachusetts: Walnut Tree Services

Protecting trees against harsh weather isn’t easy, but it can be! Contact Walnut Tree Services today to speak with a member of our team. We offer tree trimming, maintenance, and storm prevention services to fit any tree on your property. Let our team use the knowledge, tools, and materials that will get the job done right the first time. Leaving it to the professionals is safer, easier, and your trees will thank you when the summer storm hits!

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