Negative Effects of Keeping Tree Stumps Around

Once you or someone you hire cuts down a tree, a tree stump will remain. A tree stump refers to the flat surface in the form of a circle after the majority of a tree has been cut down. Removing a tree stump from your property is not necessary, but letting it linger can be detrimental. Here are some of the common negative effects caused by remaining tree stumps.

1. Safety Hazard

Tree stumps are easy to trip over, so if you have young children or pets that play in the yard often, it probably is not best to keep tree stumps lying around. Also if you are someone who goes into the yard often when it is dark outside, tree stumps can cause you to trip over.

2. Aesthetics

Tree Stumps stick out like a sore thumb and can hold back the appearance of a property. If the aesthetics of your property are essential to you, removing tree stumps will make your property look more elegant.

3. The Tree Can Regrow

If you cut down a tree or had someone cut it down, you probably do not want it to grow back. Well, if a tree stump remains, a tree can always regrow. While it is unlikely to happen, the key elements are still in place for a tree to regrow with a tree stump.

4. Property Damage

At first glance, tree stumps look innocent, but they can cause significant damage to your property. Tree stumps can cause cracks around your property and even damage pipes under your home. Avoid the potential of costly repairs by having your tree stump removed.

5. Attract Pests

No homeowner likes seeing or dealing with pests. Tree stumps often serve as an invitation for pests to gather. If you are looking to minimize pests around your home, it is a good idea to get rid of the tree stump.

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