Reasons To Remove Tree Stumps from Your Property

After a tree has been cut down, what remains is known as a “tree stump”. There are a handful of ways tree stumps can be removed, which would be beneficial. Here are five reasons to have tree stumps removed from your property shortly after a tree has been cut down.

1. Pests and Insects Love Tree Stumps

If you are looking to minimize the number of pests and insects around your property, getting rid of tree stumps on your property is a good place to start. Tree Stumps left untouched will rot and decay in a short amount of time. When this happens, it will draw many pests and insects to it.

2. Tree Stumps Can Be Inconvient

If you do yard work often, tree stumps can slow down your progress and cause an inconvenience. For example, if a tree stump is present when you mow your lawn, you’ll need to be extra careful or the tree stump can damage your lawnmower.

3. Tree Stumps Can Affect Your Home’s Aesthetics

Tree stumps can stick out like a sore thumb. If you believe a tree stump is holding back the appearance of your property, do not hesitate to have it removed.

4. Tree Stumps Present Safety Concerns

Tree stumps are easy to trip over. If you have young children or pets that enjoy playing in the yard, a tree stump can easily trip them or at the very least, cause them to stub their toe. A tree stump can also be painful should anybody fall on it.

5. A Tree Stump Can Grow Back Into a Tree

Believe it or not, a tree stump can regrow into a tree. While a tree stump may look like it has nothing left to offer, all it needs is its roots and the right amount of nutrients. If you do not want to deal with a tree regrowing, remove the tree stump as soon as possible.

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