Signs That It’s Time To Remove Your Tree

When it comes to tree removal, it can often be a tough decision to make when it comes to removing a tree that you’re fond of. However, sometimes you need to make a tough decision to remove a tree and do what’s right for your family & home’s safety. If you’ve been wondering how to tell whether a tree on your property needs to be removed, take a look at our blog to learn more about the signs you may have missed!

Branches Are Dead Towards The Top of the Tree

One of the first signs that your tree is dying and needs to be removed is when you notice that the crown of the tree is full of dead branches. This can be extremely dangerous because those dead branches could break and fall it any moment. If a large gust of wind comes through, the brittle dead branches could snap and fall, potentially hurting someone or damaging the property below!

The Tree is Showing Signs of Infection

Your tree can become damaged by a variety of infections as well. The types of infections depend on the species of tree, but signs can often include soft wood that has rotted, discolored or misshapen leaves, or fungi growing on the tree.

Your tree could always show signs of pests, including boreholes from insects or woodpeckers. If you notice that the tree is being damaged by pests and infection, you’ll want to have the tree removed in order to both protect your home, but also stop the tree from infecting others around it.

The Trunk is Damaged

The most important part of the any tree is the trunk. It’s what keeps the tree strong & healthy, and upright, which means if you notice signs of damage in your tree’s trunk, you will want to have it assessed as soon as possible.

If there are large cracks or splits in the tree, it is generally a sign of internal decay, which the tree can live through for years, but will eventually take it out. Over time, this decay can completely hollow the trunk, which means if you think your tree is decaying, it is essential to have the tree examined by an arbor professional.

The Tree Is Too Close To Homes or Power Lines

Lastly, the most important reason to remove a tree is that it is simply growing too close to your home or power lines. Eventually, the tree could be damaged by wind, struck by lightning, or just continue to grow until it causes damage, but if you have a tree growing too close to your home or power lines, you’ll need to have it removed as soon as possible!

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