Signs Your Tree Needs To Be Pruned

For most homeowners, assessing whether or not the trees on your property need to be trimmed isn’t always easy. Sometimes it may seem as though the entire tree needs to come down, and other times the damage or signs of stress may seem almost too minor to acknowledge. That’s why our team put together a list of the signs your trees need to be pruned!

Broken Branches

The first reason you should consider pruning your trees is when you’re finding broken branches. If your tree has broken branches, pruning them is important because it will stop the tree from directing resources towards repairing the damage, and allow it to redirect it towards other areas. Broken branches are also an accident waiting to happen, as they could fully break off from the tree and fall, damaging your property or hurting someone. If you notice any broken branches, it’s best to prune them right away!

Branches Growing Near Power Lines

If your tree branches are beginning to encroach on nearby power lines, you need to consider pruning them back. This could pose a fire hazard, so you need to have an arbor professional come to examine the tree and determine whether or not a tree pruning is necessary for safety reasons.

Excessive or Dense Growth

Perhaps your trees are growing too many branches. Whether the growth is encroaching on other nearby trees or your home, or you’re simply trying to alter the aesthetic of your tree, you can prune excessive branches to control the growth of the tree.

Dead or Sick Limbs

One of the most important reasons for you to consider pruning your trees is when there are dead or sick tree limbs. Even when a limb has died, the tree will continue to direct resources towards it that could otherwise by going towards new growth. The same is true with sick & diseased limbs. While tree diseases often end up effecting the entire tree, if you notice isolated patches of disease, there’s a possibility that you could protect the tree by pruning the problem branches.

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