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 - “I needed two massive pines in my back yard to be removed.  Because of their location, all of the work would have to be done by hand. Michael’s price was extremely reasonable. The work was done on time and as promised. Michael and his crew were both professional and courteous. In fact, they left my property cleaner after their work than it was before they started.”  – Walt, Stoughton, MA

 - “The Walnut Tree Service Team arrived early this morning and had all of the large oak trees and pines completely pruned of their dead branches by noontime – the job they performed was excellent and their clean-up was equally excellent. This was one of the most cost-effective projects that I have performed to date on my home’s exterior – I am really pleased. The larger pruned branches were cut for firewood and the small branches were chopped up and hauled away. I must have at least two cords of firewood to add to my existing inventory. Excellent work – I would highly recommend this company and team to anyone looking for tree service pros.”  – Tom O’Connor

 - “Michael and his crew were the best people I have ever hired.”

  For any job! They removed 52 large trees around my property for over five days. They showed up every morning in time and performed the cleanest and most organized job I have ever seen. Given all the amount of work that needed to be performed, I expected my yard to be a war zone during and after the job, but they kept it impeccable, every day. My neighbors, who were initially annoyed that I was going to do all this work, later told me they were extremely satisfied with Michael’s work and conduct. For example, he would first line up all the trunks and only then turn on and feed them to the shredder, managing the amount of noise. Outstanding work. I have recommended Michael to friends and colleagues and will hire him again in the future.” –  Gonzalo

 - “From the quick estimate to the timely arrival…”

“I own a Real Estate company in Brookline and I have been in the business for over 30 years so I know a great service company when I see one. From the quick estimate to the timely arrival and hard work to finish on time, everything went according to what I was told upfront. I will surely recommend them to all my friends and clients.”– Elias Papadopoulos RE/MAX Unlimited in Brookline

 - “My recommendation!…”

“Michael and his team were working on my neighbor’s trees. I asked for a card, and better than that, Michael came over a few minutes later an gave me an excellent quote. He would take a large leader off an oak tree that I had, remove a triple ash, 2 spindly hemlocks, and an overgrown ornamental cedar. He also ground all the stumps and cut the ash in to 18″ lengths for my woodstove. He was knowledgeable, attentive, and eager to do the work. His office called me back with a good date to do the work and an official quote to sign. They had a cancellation and came even sooner, which was great. They did a great job, great clean up and stayed on budget and even did some minor extra bush stump removals for me! I would definitely use Walnut again and recommend them to everyone.”  – Liz Dichiara

 - “What can I say about walnut tree service ….”

“My special thanks to you and your team for the wonderful job you did on our property. The extra time and effort you put in were certainly appreciated. Thank you so much!!”  – Angela Spezzano

- “Did a great job!”

“Very hardworking people and fair price. Micheal did exactly what he said and did a fantastic clean-up job. Highly recommend them. Thank you so much!” – Mr. Ping

 - “…I have never met a more professional, courteous and kind group of people…”

“Over the last 17 years of designing and remodeling my home and gardens I have never met a more professional, courteous and kind group of people. From Mike and his crew to Kate who manages the office, they were a pleasure to work with. Mike is extremely knowledgeable in his field and knows what’s best for the health of the trees. They did an amazing job of cleaning up even the smallest of messes. I wholeheartedly recommend Walnut Tree Service to anyone in need of tree service.” – Lori LaForge

 - “What a great job!”

“They are a hard-working crew and very professional, Michael did exactly what he said he would. Michael is so awesome and so is the crew. Outstanding Rating! I would highly recommend them.”  – Marianne Gadomski President Pro Star Electric, Inc. 

 - “Thanks for excellent service”

“Hi there guys, I just wanted to take this time to say that, I was looking for somebody to trust in this work, somebody who gives me a fair price, and soon later, I find out that the was nobody better than Michael and his company. My family and I want to thank you very much for the job you guys did we are very happy. Thank you.”  – Eric

 - “…left our yard much nicer and cleaner than it was before…”

“Michael and his colleagues did really a great job. They cut two big trees that were dead, beautifully trimmed many other trees and left our yard much nicer and cleaner than it was before. They were extremely nice and worked very efficiently with keeping all safety precautions. We have plenty of trees in our backyard that might soon need some care and we will definitely contact Michael for this future work. I recommend Michael and his team without any hesitation. Thank you for this great work and all the best.”  – Elzbieta Kaczmarek Milton, MA 

 - “….monster pine tree …”

“Michael and his crew did an awesome job in removing what we called the “monster pine tree ” in our side yard. My husband actually found Michael in the yellow pages. What a great pick when my husband decided to call Walnut Tree Service for an estimate. Michael came out to our home within a short time of being asked for a price quote to remove the tree. His estimate was reasonable. He and his men worked in an efficient and professional manner. I was amazed at how quickly and neatly that tree came down! When Michael left my yard that day, I think he left it neater than when he arrived. We will definitely recommend him to family and friends. My husband and I are already planning on having Michael come back in the Spring to remove another tree.”  –  Gerald and Laura Colburn

 - “…Anyone looking for tree services would be crazy not to call Walnut!..”

” It was our first time using Walnut Tree Service & we are so happy we decided to use them. Michael removed all overgrown branches from a number of trees. They didn’t stop from the minute they arrived. Michael & his crew were professional, courteous and treated our home/yard like it was their own. His crew raked our yard and was meticulous with the cleanup. I don’t think there was a twig to be seen on the ground when they were done. Anyone looking for tree services would be crazy not to call Walnut! Amazing job Michael!”  – The Carroll’s 

- “Thanks for doing a great job.”

“Several large dead trees with lots of debris in the yard. Walnut came out and did a great job taking down the trees in a timely fashion. We were most concerned with safety and expertise due to the location of trees to house and neighbors property. Thanks for doing a great job. All the best.” – The Stephens

 - “…they were very professional…”

“I got a couple of trees to be removed I got a couple of estimate one was very high walnut tree services was very low and affordable for a moment I taught they were somethings wrong with they estimate, almost 40% less than the other company. they were very professional, they were on time I like the fact they didn’t drive on my grass, the other guy said he would have. they did a great job cleaning up after they were done. I barely notice they were there I was very satisfied I definitely use them again. I highly recommended them. I said shop them last you won’t regretted.” – Bert, Brockton, MA

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