Westwood, MA Tree Removal Services

Westwood, MA is a town that has an abundance of trees. It is also a town filled with many ideal outdoor adventures from parks, reservations and ponds. Whenever Westwood, MA residents or business owners need tree services, Walnut Tree Service is always happy to oblige. Continue reading below for more information about how our services can benefit your property!

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Tree Removal Services in Westwood, MA

Walnut Tree Service takes great pride in being versatile! 

Here are all the types of tree removal services we offer to the Westwood, MA community!

Crane-Assisted Tree Removal Services in Westwood, MA

Trees weight a ton. The average grown tree weighs over 1,000 pounds! Our crane services can get tricky tree projects done in no time. Our cranes are up to date, safe and a cost-effective solution to handle any tough tree situation.  

Tree Pruning Services in Westwood, MA

There are many benefits that come after a tree is pruned and our team is always happy to help you accomplish that. Trust us, when you get your tree pruned, your tree will thank you! Walnut Tree Service is always willing to offer detail-oriented and efficient tree pruning services to the Westwood, MA community!  

Storm Damage Recovery Services in Westwood, MA

Last but certainly not least, Walnut Tree Service can provide storm damage recovery services to Westwood, MA. Throughout the four seasons, storms are not uncommon to the state of Massachusetts. Even in the summertime, Massachusetts is prone to storms that knock trees over. When trees fall and make a big mess, our team is always ready to help you restore the property. 

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