What Do I Do If One Of My Tree Falls?

For the most part, trees are firmly rooted into the ground. Unfortunately, no tree is invincible when heavy wind and rain strike. In a state like Massachusetts, heavy wind and rain can occur multiple times a year. If you are a homeowner who has never experienced a tree falling on your property, it can be quite confusing when it finally happens. Continue reading to learn about everything you should know after a tree falls down on your property.

Ensure Everyone’s Safety

There is not much you can do once a heavy tree falls down on your property, but what you can do is keep family members, pets and others away from the area. Keep everyone and every vehicle as far away as possible. If a tree falls onto the top of your house, keep the area isolated and temporarily stay at a different property if possible.

Evaluate The Fallen Tree

Once the storm or rain stops, have one person assess the situation. Knowing the extent of the property damage will be useful going forward.

Document What You Can

Documentation in regards to a fallen tree will typically go a long way and can help you with your insurance claims. Take what photos and videos you can of the down tree on your property when the situation is safe.

Cover The Openings The Best You Can

If a tree falls down on part if your roof, it is going to be difficult to cover the opening but cover the openings the best you can. If a fallen tree breaks a window or wall, cover up those areas with plasterboard or cloth.

Make The Calls

Once the situation has settled down, inform your insurance agency, utility team, and a tree removal company.

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