What is Considered a Dangerous Tree?

Trees are an important part of nature, offering beauty, shade, and a home for wildlife. However, not all trees should be left unattended. Ignoring a dangerous tree can pose a significant threat to homes, vehicles, and even life. To cohabit safely with trees, it is best to pay attention to their growth and look out for any red flags that can indicate a threat. Below, we will address potential tree hazards before they become major problems. 

1. Visible Decay

Evident decay on a tree is one of the first signs of a dangerous tree. Hollow sections in the tree trunk are a sign of a structurally weakened tree and such trees are more likely to fall especially during storms or strong winds. Internal rot will be noticed from mushrooms or fungi growing at the base of the tree. 

2. Cracks and Splits

Trees with large branches or cracks and splits in the trunk are also cause for concern. These suggest that the tree is stressed to the point of breaking. Horizontal cracks are especially dangerous since they indicate a greater chance of the tree breaking and falling suddenly. 

3. Leaning trees

Trees that lean to only one angle permanently are more likely to fall, especially if the soil around the base is eroded. Although it is normal for some trees to grow at an angle, a sudden lean can be an indicator of a root or structural problem. 

4. Dead leaves

Another clear sign of danger is a tree shedding a lot of dead branches and leaves. It could be dangerous for people below to always be at risk of dead branches falling. If large branches have already fallen off the tree, this indicates that it is unstable and at risk of breakage.

What Should Be Done About a Dangerous Tree?

For everyone’s safety, it is best to remove a dangerous tree as soon as possible. Not only do dangerous trees pose as a threat to humans, but they can damage vehicles and properties as well.

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